Learn how to scale Kafka across the enterprise

A lot of organizations are experimenting with Kafka, evaluating if it will be the "heart" of a business service. While Kafka is great, it lacks several functionality to enable enterprise-wide event streaming and collaboration. Kafka is complex, requires a steep learning curve and you also need to think about things like security and data governance.

Join this live webinar as we discuss:

  • The challenges of moving from Kafka experiments to a central nervous system
  • Kafka data governance checklist - an overview of what you need to think about
  • How Rabobank, a leading bank in the Netherlands, scaled Kafka across 100+ teams with self-service
  • Live 15-minute demo of Axual's all-in-one Kafka platform for enterprises

Webinar date: February 3rd at 10am ET / 4pm CET

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Your hosts

Jeroen Disseldorp - webinar

Jeroen van Disseldorp

CEO & Founder, Axual
Entrepreneur, solution architect, and all-round techie. He founded Axual, a Dutch startup that created a streaming platform based on Apache Kafka. Before that he was Principal Technology Officer Open Source at Capgemini.

Joey Compeer - webinar

Joey Compeer

Product marketing, Axual
B2B tech marketer passioned about DevOps, CI/CD and observability. Before joining Axual he did product marketing and demand gen at tech startups such as CircleCI, Vamp.io and StackState.